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Do you want to get rid of yellow teeth? Try this great trick, and your teeth will turn pearly white!

Say goodbye to yellow teeth with this fantastic lifehack.
Everyone wants to have beautiful teeth. After all, they are visible to others when we laugh or talk.

Teeth are what everyone sees when they look at us, and they make an impression of us. Almost everyone wants to have white teeth as this has become part of our beauty culture's ideal. Before we tell you how to get white teeth, we want to point out nothing wrong with yellow teeth. They have more tooth enamel, which makes them stronger than pearly white teeth. Of course, this does not affect your perception of their appearance.

Fortunately, there is a simple, all-natural way you can whiten your teeth again. Yes, even if they are entirely yellow. Forget about all the costly whitening treatments that celebrities use to achieve the perfect Colgate smile. There is a much easier way!

What is needed for this?
This trick is about using charcoal capsules. All you need for this trick is an activated charcoal capsule and a toothbrush. Wet your toothbrush under the tap, carefully open the capsule and place its contents on the brush. It is recommended to put on something like a napkin to avoid staining the meeting with charcoal.

Now is the time to brush your teeth! Do this in your usual way, replacing your regular brush with a carbon brush. We recommend using correct circular movements and not forgetting the back of the tooth. Charcoal may seem a bit strange at first, but don't let that stop you. You can also add toothpaste if you'd like.

Brush your teeth for three to four minutes, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Look in the mirror: your teeth look a lot better. Don't you believe us? Try it yourself!

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