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Watch Bayerisches Fernsehen Süd live streaming. Bayerisches Fernsehen Süd is a channel broadcast from Germany. You can watch for free on your devices and has been connected to the internet. This is an online TV channel broadcast from Germany. You can watch this channel online on all platforms. Bayerisches Fernsehen Süd online. Germany TV channel
Get breaking German and world news or catch up with the latest stories, clips, and programs from your favorite shows. The Bayerisches Fernsehen Süd brings you breaking news coverage, and Live streaming from Bayerisches Fernsehen Süd Live will help you stay up to date on the events shaping around the world.
Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, BR) is a public-service radio and television broadcaster based in Munich, the Free State of Bavaria's capital city in Germany. BR is a member organization of the ARD consortium of public broadcasters in Germany. History Bayerischer Rundfunk was founded in Munich in 1922 as Deutsche Stunde in Bayern. It aired its first program on 30 March 1924. The first broadcasts consisted mainly of time announcements, news, weather and stock market reports, and music.

Programming expanded to include radio plays, concerts, programs for women, language courses, chess, opera, radio, news, and Catholic and Protestant morning services. Richard Riemerschmid designed its new 1929 studio. Deutsche Stunde in Bayern became Bayerischer Rundfunk in 1931. In 1933, shortly after the Nazi seizure of power, the station was put under the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda control. After the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, the American military occupation government took control of the station. Operating as Radio Munich, it broadcast, among another programming, live coverage of the Nuremberg trials and programs such as "War Never Again" ("Nie Wieder Krieg"). In 1949 Radio Munich became Bayerischer Rundfunk, and in that year, it established Europe's first VHF station. A station was added in Nuremberg in the early 1950s. Television broadcasts began in 1954. Legal foundation BR is a statutory corporation established under the Bavarian Broadcasting Law (Bayerisches Rundfunkgesetz), originally passed in 1948 and updated in 1993 to take account of the demands of a changing media and political environment.

Its functions are determined by a legal foundation that lays down the principles under which the broadcaster operates and its internal organization structure. The broadcast law is supplemented by the so-called Broadcast State Contract (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag), a multilateral agreement between all 16 German Länder which regulates the relationship of public and private broadcast in the dual broadcast system and which contains fundamental regulations, particularly for financing. Just as important for Bavarian Broadcasting's work is the cooperation of the ARD consortium, consisting of nine other regional broadcasting corporates and Deutsche Welle.

The broadcasting service is further backed by the relevant European legal bases and the media service convention, which contains regulations for the on-line offerings of Bavarian Broadcasting. Funding BR is in part funded by commercial activity, including the limited sale of on-air commercial advertising time; however, its principal source of income is the revenue derived from viewer and listener license fees. Every household in Germany is lawfully bound to pay 17,50 Euro per month as a so-called Rundfunkbeitrag (broadcast contribution) to finance the public broadcast system. The fee is collected by Beitragsservice von ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio. In 2012 BR derived 85.3% of its income from viewer and listener license fees, 12.6% from other sources such as product licensing and investments, and 2.1% from the sale of advertising time. 48.5% of this income was spent on program production costs, 25.1% on staffing, and 26.4% on other operating expenses and fixed charges. Television series produced by BR BR has several series that are well known throughout Bavaria, and some of these are re-broadcast throughout other parts of Germany. These include Rundschau Quer Münchner Runde (political talk show) alpha-Centauri Space Night Kunst und Krempel Unter unserem Himmel ("Under our Skies"), Café Meineid Zur Freiheit ("To Freedom"), Melodien der Berge Studios BR operates the main broadcasting facility in downtown Munich as well as studios in Munich's northern Freimann quarter and the nearby municipality of Unterföhring. There are also regional TV and radio studios in Nuremberg ("Studio Franconia"), Würzburg ("Regional Studio Franconia/River Main"), and Regensburg ("Regional Studio East Bavaria"). Programming BR provides programs to various TV and radio networks, some done in collaboration with other broadcasters, and others completely independently. Television channels BR Fernsehen – Regional TV channel for Bavaria. ARD-alpha – educational programming These two are genuine BR television channels; BR contributes to the following media: Das Erste – BR contributes programming to Germany's leading network's (ARD). Phoenix – collaborative network programming between the ARD and ZDF. Kika – Children's network from the ARD and ZDF. Arte – Franco-German cultural network 3sat – Cultural network from the ARD, ZDF, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting), and SRG (Swiss Broadcasting).
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